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The world has become a very small place thanks to the internet, smartphones and social media which is why LSTYKH strives to prepare our students for the challenges ahead. Our students are being introduced to the many shapes and forms English takes in as many different, original, exciting and intriguing ways as possible. Discover more by clicking the link!


Puppet Show

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Board games


Fashion Show






For Fun


Puppet Show

“It’s time for an adventure” said the dragon as the students and NET teachers prepared a puppet show full of excitement, wonder, funny jokes and amazing characters! They improve their teamwork, pronunciation, vocabulary and pronunciation! What about the stories? Well, you never know what will happen! “Then what are you waiting for?” said the dragon, as it flew backstage and the curtains slowly opened. “Let the show begin!”



Hello from the future! Our students love experiencing new ways of improving their English at the i-Theatre. The daily digital tasks, the advanced equipment and the cinema-like environment allows the student to further develop their public speaking skills in a brand new and interactive way.



Would you like a coffee? Or maybe a hot chocolate? Would you like it to be decorated with some amazing Latte Art? If you’re feeling a bit hungry, how about some freshly baked cupcakes, pancakes or cookies? All of these drinks and snacks are made by our students and they’re having a ton of fun learning how to do it!


Board Games

“It’s your turn. Watch out though, if you don’t do something quick, she will win!” Our students love playing board games because they come in so many shapes and forms! Our NETs introduce them to games from all over the world which does wonders for their imagination, creativity and vocabulary expansion.


Fashion Show

“Ladies and gentlemen, YKH has got talents!" For many years, a number of glamorous and confident "superstars" took part in our fashion show, organized with Lane Crawford. They were given the opportunity to totally immerse themselves in the fashion industry, creating their own student uniform design, introducing it in English, walking the catwalk and discovering what happens behind the scenes of a fashion show.


Fun Fair

“Come on up if you feel lucky! Give our game a try, you always win something!” At the fun fair, everywhere you look there are students and NET teachers manning a game booth. With one general theme, students and teachers are exposed to new customs. habits, culture and vocabulary. Themes like festivals, myths and fairytales are just some of many chosen to spark our students and teachers’ imagination!


Learn For Fun

Learn for Fun takes our students out of the classroom and takes them all over Hong Kong learning English while exploring. Students are encouraged to use the English they learnt in class to perform various tasks outside of it. Exploring caves, ordering food, discovering Hong Kong’s rich history and travelling to various islands is just the tip of the iceberg. Learn for Fun has so much potential and both students and teachers can’t wait to fully experience the endless possibilities it offers!

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